Premier Golf Distributors, Inc. has been one of the authorized distributors for HONMA products in North America since the year 2000.  Our hopes are to answer your questions, provide information that was previously not available, and offer a superior level of service to our customers. 


A philosophic statement about making HONMA Golf clubs:


Every HONMA product embodies principles placing quality first and foremost. HONMA's mission is to produce golf clubs that promote confidence and feel, which in turn will translate into more consistent play.  HONMA clubs are always engraved an inscription identifying their origin on the club neck.  HONMA clubs are designed so you will feel all the pleasure and excitement golf can inspire.  HONMA will remain committed to meticulous, genuine craftsmanship of Japanese production.

HONMA has always insisted that the quality of their products should remain intact for a lifetime. At HONMA Golf Company, clubs are built on the premise that expensive products and materials do not in themselves guarantee performance. Rather, they take ordinary materials available anywhere, and through finely honed techniques, transform them into something extraordinary. Each product is an extension of HONMA Golf Company's philosophy and of the craftsmen who transform these materials into finished products.


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