A large muscleback with amorphous metal fiber helps us to more powerfully and easily obtain distance results that we all dream of.

Instead of simply enlarging the clubhead size and using CAD to optimize the CG, this club delivers increased control and great feel, with a larger sweetspot.

In addition, we have created a muscle back that feels great at impact. Boasting lofts which are two degree strong, the design of these irons meet the requirements of better players seeking high, powerful trajectories and greater distance without sacrificing control.

Figure of comparison with TW727M


At first, we started the production because professional golfer Hideto Tanihara asked if it would be possible to enlarge the head of TW717M, as he wanted to try a forgiving muscle back.

While most male professional golfers use steel shaft for their irons, Tanihara uses “VIZARD IB” for the “forgiveness of carbon shafts” and “toughness and handle-ability of steel shafts” because the shaft's amorphous metal fiber.
Given that it would be assembled with the VIZARD IB shaft (carbon shaft), we were able to develop a head that is 4mm longer and 3.5mm taller than the TW727M, as “TOUR WORLD TW-BM”.

Instead of simply enlarging the clubhead size, using CAD to optimize the CG, this club maintains control and great feel, with a large sweetspot.
The combination with the “VIZARD” shaft is even better. By enlarging the head, vibration through the shaft is unavoidable, but this shaft offers damping at a better rate than the steel shaft.


Head material / manufacturing process Steel / Casting
Head plating Half mirror + Mirror Finish / Double- layer Painting
# (No.) 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Loft (deg.) 22.0 25.0 28.0 32.0 36.0 41.0 46.0
Lie angle (deg.) 60.5 61.0 61.5 62.0 62.5 63.0 63.5
Face progression (mm) 3.75 3.75 3.75 4.25 4.25 4.25 4.25
Distance to center of gravity (mm) 35.5 35.5 35.5 35.5 35.5 35.5 35.5
Height to Center of Gravity (mm) 19.5 20.0 20.0 20.5 21.0 21.5 22.0
Depth to center of gravity (mm) 3.5 3.0 3.0 2.5 2.0 1.5 1.5
Angle to center of gravity (deg.) - 9.0 - - - - -
VIZARD IB95 Length (inches) 38.625 38.125 37.625 37.125 36.625 36.125 35.625
Swing weight・
Gross weight (g)
S D1
400 406 412 419 427 435 442


Name TW Rubber M60
Material Rubber
Weight (g) 50.0
Size M60