Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Q: Where are HONMA golf clubs made?

A:  All HONMA golf clubs are hand-crafted in the Sakata factory in Japan.  HONMA is very unique in the golf industry because they hand-craft all golf clubs in their Sakata factory.  The Sakata factory is one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the golf business at over 592,000 square feet.  


It should also be noted the HONMA does not ship or sell components to its overseas markets. Every HONMA club has the inscription 'MADE IN JAPAN SAKATA' and these clubs are a source of great pride to all of HONMA's craftsmen.


  • Q: Why are HONMA golf clubs so expensive?

A:  HONMA is dedicated to producing the most beautiful, playable golf clubs in the world using cutting-edge, hand-crafted precision manufacturing techniques while incorporating only the very best materials available.  This approach has defined the history of HONMA and is the reason HONMA golf equipment is the world's most expensive.


  • Q: When did HONMA begin selling golf clubs?

A:  HONMA golf was first established in 1959.  HONMA's cheif designer, Hiro Honma found persimmon wood to be the most unique and suitable material because of its feeling, sound, and the tremendous distance that could be achieved hitting a golf ball.  It is said that the early carving skills of HONMA's craftsmen served as a foundation to the basic philosophy in HONMA's manufacturing history.


  • Q: What do the Stars mean?

A:  HONMA initiated the star system circa 1991.  At the time, the primary differences between the various star shafts were; the craftsmen who produced the clubs (there exists a hierarchy of craftsmen from Senior club maker to Apprentice), and the specific materials used in that particular shaft.  HONMA's premium brands 3 star - 5 star were produced by the senior club makers while the other shafts were crafted within competitive apprentice program.


  • Q: Is HONMA a technology leader?

A:  HONMA has long been a forerunner in the introduction of materials to the golf industry.  They first produced carbon graphite shafts in 1973, years ahead of its time.  The 1990's saw HONMA awarded a US patent for its Titanium Carbon graphite shafts.  They have gone on to develop wood heads from steel, titanium and carbon composites.  HONMA is one of the few companies that are regularly approached by material producers from the Space Industry so you can expect for HONMA to continue to be a leader in this area.


  •  Q: Are HONMA clubs forged or cast?

A:  It depends upon the model.  Traditionally, HONMA has produced only "Mild Steel" heads using the precision cast forging method.  This Process provides the best foundation for HONMA's soft feeling incredibly forgiving irons.  HONMA incorporated a 3 stage coating process whereby heads are coated with copper, nickel and chrome.  Each head undergoes more than 150 hand-crafted processes and is inspected by craftsmen at each point in their journey towards completion.


HONMA's dedication to hand-crafting golf clubs is a tremendous source of pride in a culture that has witnessed this same vision in those craftsmen that created the world renowned Samurai swords.  HONMA takes this same approach and spares no expense in creating the world's most beautiful designs with exquisite finishes.

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