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Premier Golf Distributors, Inc. (Formerly Honma Golf Direct, Inc.) is a wholesale distributor for Honma Golf Co. Ltd. of Japan in North America. We are the Honma Distributor for Authorized retailers in the US & Canada except the states of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington.

We do not sell directly to the public.

IMPORTANT Notice about Gray Market & Counterfeit Clubs

Due to the increasing number of counterfeit and gray market Honma equipment being sold on the web, we suggest consumers purchase from Honma Authorized Dealers.

Gray Market goods are genuine branded goods (called 'gray goods') sold outside of an authorized sales-territory (or by non-authorized dealers in an authorized territory) at prices lower than being charged in authorized sales territories (or by authorized dealers).

Counterfeit Market goods are illegal manufacturing and/or sale of goods by directly or indirectly giving the false impression that they are produced by a reputable manufacturer. Counterfeit goods usually replicate the legitimate good and its packaging, and bear a forged trademark.

Please note that Honma will not warrant gray market, counterfeit equipment or second hand equipment.


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